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Privacy & Security

Lucyound Hardware works hard to make sure that your private information in safe. We continue to employ technologies ensuring the security of your personal information and data. Listed below are the steps that we have taken to protect your information, as well as some of the processes of collecting information on

Security and Encryption (SSL)
Encryption involves protecting sensitive information by taking plain text and making it unreadable through the use of algorithms. Any sensitive information that is collected on our website will automatically be encrypted using Secure Socket Layering (SSL). SSL is the industry standard for collecting sensitive information online. Once the information is encrypted, it is very difficult to decrypt. If you are still unsure about purchasing online, you can contact us and make a purchase over the phone.

Your Personal Information
Simply stated, will never share your personal information with or sell your personal information to any other person or business. We don't want our personal information shared with anyone else, and we know that you don't either. There are several areas in our website that specifically ask for your personal information, such as your name, email, credit card number, etc. These areas include:

  • Creating an Account

  • Signing in to an Account

  • Placing an Order

  • Updating Personal Information

PCI Compliant
PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry, data security standard". follows a set of requirements designed to ensure a secure e-ecommerce environment. As such, to ensure a maximum level of security, we do not store ANY credit card information in our database. That means, we do not store credit card number, credit card verification number, expiration dates, or credit card verification codes.

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